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Get the basics of Java programming from the roots of programming language through the parameters required to build a java program taught by live experts with practical use cases at Core java online training.

Core JAVA is every green programming language that is essential for IT professionals. Even after the arrival of 2 decades, its importance is not yet decreased in the IT industry. Moreover, even though many programming arose after this, its importance is not yet decreased in the IT market. Hence many people show more interest in JAVA Online Trainings. Kits Online Training provides the best knowledge on Core Java programming by live experts online. And this Core Java online training Course suits well for both the fresher the experience people from other domains.

What is Programming
Logic behind data storage
What is Java
Platform Independent
Details on JVM
Variables and Datatype
Advantage of OOPS
Access Modifier
Keywords – Static & This
Method Overloading
Object Class
Keywords – Super & Final
Runtime Polymorphism
Abstract Class
Immutable String
String Comparison & Concatenation
Methods of String class
StringBuffer class
StringBuilder class
What is Exception
try and catch block
Multiple catch block
Nested try and catch
finally block
throw & throws keyword
Finally vs Final vs Finalize
Exception Handling with Method Overriding
Custom Exception
What is Multithreading
Life Cycle of a Thread
Creating Thread
Thread Scheduler
Sleeping a thread
Joining a thread
Thread Priority
Daemon Thread
Thread Pool & Thread Group
Synchronization in java
Synchronized block
Static Synchronization
Inter-Thread communication
Interrupting Thread
ArrayList class
LinkedList Class
Iterator and ListIterator interface
HashSet Class
LinkedHashSet Class
TreeSet Class
Map Interface
HashMap Class
LinkedHashMap Class
TreeMap Class
HashTable Class
Comparable and Comparator Interface
FileOutput and Input
BufferedOutput & Input
FileWriter and FileReader
Input by Console and sc
What is Serialization
Transient Keyword
AWT Basics
Event Handling
Basics of Swing
JButton Class
JRadioButton Class
JTextArea Class
JComboBox Class
JTable Class
JColorChooser Class
JProgressBar Class
JSlider Class
Graphics in Swing
Displaying Image
Edit Menu for Notepad
Dialog Box
Graphics in Applet
Displaying image in Applet
Animation in Applet
EventHandling in Applet
JApplet Class
Painting in Applet
JDBC Introduction
JDBC Driver
DB Connectivity Steps
Connectivity with Mysql
Driver Manager


  • Learn at your convenient time and place
  • Grab the practical exposure of the course through high-quality videos
  • Learn from basic to advanced level of the course led by real-time instructors


  • Get a live demonstration of every topic by our experienced faculty
  • Get LMS Access of every session after the completion of the course
  • Gain the stuff to get certified


  • Can enroll for Self paced, Live (or) the class mode of training
  • Engage in online training lecture by an industry expert at your facility
  • Learn as a full day schedule with discussions, exercises, and practical use cases
  • Design your own syllabus based on the project requirements
The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
Irrespective of your class attendance, every session will be recorded. Soon after the completion of the class, you can able to access the videos
During the course, the trainer will provide the environment to execute the practical's.
Once you contact us, our support team will offer you great discounts.
Yes! we do accept the fee in installments, depending on the mode of training you take.
We offer the best training on different modes like self-paced, one-one, batch as well as corporate training.
Yes! Our support team will take your resumes and forward to the firms for placement assistance
During the course, the trainer will provide the probable certification question to make you certified.
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