What is Oracle SOA? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Oracle SOA?

An application can be developed in multiple ways. For instance, in some cases, an application can be developed using a different platform as per the requirement of the client.  Even though the application development on different platforms produces the same result the cost of the development varies. Moreover, the add-ons to the application on different variations in different parameters like cost

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What is Workday? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based vendor that specialized in Financial Management and human capital management  applications.  This vendor releases its first product in 2006. The first product is known as Human Capital Management. In the next years, it releases various products like Financial suite, Financial management. This workday HCM has worked over years, to make the financial software more competi

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What is Office 365? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Office 365?

Microsoft is the largest and the oldest vendor started offering its products like Word, PowerPoint, excel from 1974. Today every computer user was very familiar with these Microsoft products. This is one of the most popular software suites in the world. These suites were being used by 1.5billion people worldwide. If you take the analysis of the past 3 decades, we cannot find a person who uses the

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What is Linux? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Linux?

Linux is the widely used operating system that is used in most security areas like banking across the globe. Many firms use this operating system to enhance security and increase data confidentiality from hackers. Even though many operating systems were available in the market, the importance of this operating system has not decreased in the market. Do you know why? Read the following article to k

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What is Ab initio? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Ab initio?

Data plays a major role today.  Whether it’s a start-up (or) a well-established company data is essential. Depending on the size of the company, people store this data in various places like a data warehouse, data mart with secured encryption. Since the data gets generated from different sources, it would be in multiple formats like xlsx, PDFs,.doc. .txt . So we need to convert these multiple f

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What is MuleSoft? | KITS Online Trainings

What is MuleSoft?

  Mule is one of the popular Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This is a software integration platform responsible to connect data, devices, and applications on many cloud computing platforms.  This is completely a java based platform and is capable of connecting other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  This Mulesoft works on a run time engine called Anypoint.   History of Mulesoft

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What is App V ? | KITS Online Trainings

What is App V ?

The requirement of a project varies from one to the other. So buying and installing the software for every project is a bit expensive. And the companies may not be in a position to afford all those. So to overcome all those problems, the operation team virtualizes the applications according to the project requirements. In this article, I'm going to explain to you what is app v? What is its use in

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What is Power Shell? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Power Shell?

In today’s world, there are several ways to interact and manage with the computer operating system. Some of them were the green screen, terminals, command-line interface, and the graphical user interfaces. Besides, there are some more other methods like application program interface (API) calls,  and web-based management calls. Among those, the command line interface is capable of performing re

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What is Application Packaging? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Application Packaging?

During 1990, application profiling team members used to write scripts to wrap the applications into packages. Its good to write these scripts if it is small. But in the case of large files, it becomes more and more complex.  Moreover, there might be some dependencies like platforms, pre-required software to execute those scripts. So while installing any kind of software, you need to take care of

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What is a Testing tool? | KITS Online Trainings

What is a Testing tool?

Are you aware of software testing? Do you know its importance? If NO, then you are at the right place to know about the testing tool.  This article on testing tools gives you detailed information on software testing. All software requires extensive testing before it is rolled to the public. Quality Control engineers use both open sources and commercial tools for testing the applications based on

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What is VM Ware? | KITS Online Trainings

What is VM Ware?

VM Ware is a cloud computing virtualization software. It was initially founded in 1988 and brought a revolution to the IT industry through its virtualization as well as cloud solutions.  Today this company has 75000+ partners across the globe. This VM Ware suits best in various areas like banking, health care, retail as well as telecommunications. In this article, I'll let you know the complete d

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What is Tableau? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Tableau?

Tableau Software is the fastest-growing data visualization tools that are currently in use in the BI Industry. This business intelligence tool is best for the transformation of raw data into an easily understandable format. People can easily analyze this tool with zero technical skills and coding knowledge. This article starts with data visualization and the importance of tableau as a Data Visuali

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