What is Chef? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Chef?

The chef is a tool used for configuration management and is closely competing with the puppet. In this article I’m going you share the complete details regarding why it is used, where it is applied, and its advantages in IT World. So lets us start our discussion with, Why Chef? The software keeps on updating over time.  So to utilize the various new features of any software, we need to updat

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What is Ansible? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Ansible?

Since the utilization of computing resources was increasing exponentially doing multiple tasks parallelly has become difficult for humans.  And the companies today were not in enough position to hire the human according to the need. Hence the companies started thinking about the solution to this problem. Then they thought that automation is the best option to get rid of these kinds of problems. 

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What is Azure? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Azure?

Do you belong to  the lover to the cloud computing platform like Azure? Would you like to know it from the roots? Why it has become a buzzword in the IT industry.  Do you have all these points in your mind? Are surfing the internet to get answers to all these questions? Then stop surfing the internet and start reading. This article on Azure is another example to shows you the need for cloud comp

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What is Hadoop? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Hadoop?

In the previous articles of this blog, we people have seen the need and importance of big data and its application in the IT industry. But there are some problems related to big data. Hence to overcome those problems, we need a framework like Hadoop to process the big data. This article on Hadoop gives you detailed information regarding the problems of big data and how this framework provides the

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What is IoT? | KITS Online Trainings

What is IoT?

The way of people living in the 21st century has brought drastic change due to the high availability of the internet around us. There are multiple examples around us to explain how the internet has brought changes in our daily life. This article on IoT gives you detail information on how it has changed the people lifestyle and its application in today's world. We people have been probably hearing

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What is Angular JS? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Angular JS?

The website is the basic need for marketers to reach a mass number of people. With the high availability of content management systems, website development has become a cakewalk in the IT World. But we cannot except the best website unless you develop using best platform. So what does it mean the best website? A website is considered as the best website if it is user-friendly ( Compatible to all d

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What is Google Cloud Platform? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Google Cloud Platform?

It seems difficult to sustain life in the IT industry without using the most common search engine like Google. This vendor is not only limited its services to the search engine but also has its roots in the area of cloud computing. Many IT companies today were utilizing this cloud computing for the smooth running of the business. According to recent statistics, 49% of IT professionals use the Goog

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What is MSBI? | KITS Online Trainings

What is MSBI?

The need for Business Intelligence tools does not exhaust as long as IT and the internet exist around us. So many business intelligence vendors were adding more and more features to these tools for quick analysis of the data. This article on MSBI is another example to let you know their need and importance of business intelligence tools in the market. Without wasting much time, let us move into th

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What is Power BI? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Power BI?

Since the data generation is happening exponentially, the necessity of business intelligence tools has become more and more in today's world. In the previous article of this blog, we people have discussed regarding Cognos, but there are some other bi tools like power bi in the market. So today in this article, let us have a look  at power bi Before going to move into the actual subject, let us h

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What is Cognos? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Cognos?

The availability of the internet has made many changes in IT  people’s life. Data generation is one of those. Today data gets generated exponentially. This data may contain useful as well as useless data.   Besides this data may also contain redundant data. So we need to analyze this data and remove duplicate data. And this filtered data may contain raw data in different formats.  And we nee

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What is Android ? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Android ?

Gadgets have become a part of life. Today arrival, as well as utilization of gadgets, is increasing exponentially. And we people cannot imagine our life without gadgets. Today even kindergarten people were using these mobile phones. Moreover, in this COVID-19 situation, these gadgets were the common medium for communication. Even the primary standard kids were using these smart gadgets for communi

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What is Dot Net? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Dot Net?

Application development has become more common in today's world. This is because today people can easily develop applications using different frameworks. A framework is essential for the smooth running of the application. It makes the application development simpler and faster. There are many frameworks like Dot Net for the smooth running of the applications. Even though there are multiple framewo

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