What is ServiceNow? | KITS Online Trainings

What is ServiceNow?

The Cloud computing platform has become a buzzword in the IT industry over the past decade. There is nothing auspicious that 70% of the IT companies today run on the cloud computing platform. There are are many vendors like google, amazon in providing the top cloud services to the people. In the previous articles of this blog, I have shared with you the details of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today

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What is Business Analysis? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Business Analysis?

Analysis plays a major role for successful running of the business. The result of the analysis lets you know the further steps to be taken for the smooth running of the firm. This analysis is essential for both small as well as large scale firms. Moreover, the steps after the analysis are the deciding factor for the rise (or) fall of the business. So the analysis should be done with at most care f

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What is Data Science? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Data Science?

As big data came into the picture, storage has become a major concern in the IT world.  This storage has taken as the primary concern since 2010. It is taken as the primary consideration due to increase in rapid exponential amount of data. And we cannot clone this data whenever its utilization was finished. Because, there are many chances for the re utilization of its data. So we need to store th

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What is AWS? | KITS Online Trainings

What is AWS?

Many people in today's world say technology has changed the things around us in a different way.  Let us consider it with an example. In the olden days, if the company wants to have a physical presence in the technological space they need to have a data center, a place to host computers, and IT Team to run everything. Besides, they also need backup, redundant power, and also temperature control t

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What is Java | KITS Online Trainings

What is Java

Java is an evergreen programming language for developing various kinds of the application over the past decade. This programming language suits best for developing the various kinds of applications across the globe. The importance of this programming language has not decreased even though many programming languages arose after that. Have you ever thought of why this programming language has gained

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What is Big Data? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Big Data?

Big Data has become the buzzword over the past few years. Do you know why this word has become a buzzword? Why big data becomes more popular? Are you curious to get answers to all these questions? Read the complete article to get answers to all those questions Before talking about this buzzword, let us initially discuss, What is Data? The Quantities, character (or) symbols on which operations t

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What is Selenium? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Selenium?

Make an application live in the market is not as easy as you think. This is because application development requires several steps to release into the market. This involves planning, designing, implementation, testing, debugging, monitoring, and production. An application gets executed all these processes sequentially. Among all these processes,  testing is the crucial phase in developing an appl

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What is Python programming? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Python programming?

Python is the buzz that has created today in the IT world. This buzz has changed the way of application development in the IT industry. Today many people were curious to learn python. And you are one among them to know what it is? How it is utilized in the IT industry. Read the complete article to get rid of your curiosity. Before getting deep into the topic, let us walkthrough What is Python?

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What is Salesforce? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing software as a service that specializes in customer relationship management(CRM). Before going to know about salesforce in detail, let us have a look regarding the need for this platform. Before the arrival of Salesforce CRM, companies use to maintain their cloud computing environment. At that time, people usually took months, in some cases they took years to bu

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What is DevOps? | KITS Online Trainings

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the most powerful as well as the most popular platform that is being used by many companies in today's world. This DevOps culture is being used by many organizations in the IT World today. Hence today, in this article, let us have an overview of DevOps Before knowing the overview of DevOps, let us walk through its neeed. Need for DevOps: Before the arrival of DevOps principles companie

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