Top reasons why Salesforce rules the Business World?

Growing the business is not easy. It requires boosting sales w.r.t the time. A business will be successful only if it follows a systematic and efficient way of gathering the leads that can be converted to sales that ultimately makes the loyal customers. Gathering the leads and converting them into sales is a difficult task without the use of the proper CRM. Salesforce is the largest supplier of providing CRM Services to its clients. This CRM platform makes the relationships with the companies effortless that has a consistent, valuable, and long-lasting relationship with the clients. Even though many other CRM tools exist in the market, this CRM is so popular and is ruling the world. Do you know why?  If No, read the article till the end to get the information.

Before going to know why Salesforce rules the Business World? Let us have an initial discussion on

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software and is a pioneer in the world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM ) tools.  This platform helps companies in bringing the data into one platform and making it manageable for the employees to track the customer-related data in a single software. This platform has become prominent across different domains in the business world as it addresses the need of every business.

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There are multiple reasons for the business to opt for salesforce. But there are few common reasons that every business adopts as follows:

Cloud-Based Software:

In the olden days, companies need to struggle a lot to store the data written in papers. Filling the cabinet had been a part of their life. Salesforce, being a cloud-based platform, has changed the scenario. It allows the users to store the data in the cloud which saves the physical space required. The presence of data online makes the application accessible across the globe anywhere and anytime. Besides, the absence of physical presence of an employee to the office makes the accessibility of applications to the employee. This feature is essential for companies where they can track and stay up-to-date on the information even out of their working hours. Moreover, the performance of this platform is alike irrespective of the size of the project.

Easy to learn:

Salesforce has a dedicated training module, that helps its users to stay up-to-date on application utilization. Previously this platform has a classic interface that is difficult to understand whereas w.r.t the time it has changed to the lightning version, which has a friendly user interface where a newbie can easily learn the platform. Besides trailheads, the learning program does not require a person to have an exhaustive knowledge of computers, software, and servers.  So Non-IT people can easily learn this salesforce platform.


Salesforce for business has various applications that gear towards a specific industry. It allows the users to select the application and the domain as per the department/industry.

Extended Salesforce Applications:

There are some features where the users may not continue with the existing features of the CRM to execute the application. In such cases, it allows the users to add the additional third-party APIs and integrate with the salesforce  CRM.

App Exchange Feature:

It has more than 4000 solutions for companies to browse through. This feature provides real-time assistance to make the decision process easier. Besides, it provides personalized recommendations to the user based on their specific preferences.

Personalized emails: Salesforce allows companies to customize the emails that were sent to existing and potential customers.

Quality Information:

Salesforce for business supports the companies in gathering information on the company‘s clients as well as the potential customers. It helps companies to strategize their plans of approaching potential customers. Besides, Salesforce helps companies to collect information about the company clients and potential customers. Through this data, it helps companies, about the customer and their profiles in one location.

Ease of Organization:

Organization of the tasks leads to better results. Salesforce for business makes it easier to achieve good results. Besides, it allows companies to create to-do items as well as the remainders on the customizable calenders. Moreover, it also reduces the spending time for the companies to shuffle between the tasks.

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Modern Architecture:

The Salesforce for business works on Multi-Tenant architecture. This specific architecture runs on a single system and serves multiple tenants at the same time. This architecture is more advantages where the update will be rolled out to multiple users parallelly without the user intervention.

Reliable Security Systems:

Another reason for opting for this CRM is the sophisticated security system that many of the CRM fail to provide. This CRM has a sophisticated security system. Hence most of the companies were opting for this CRM when compared with the other. This reliable security system makes the user share confidential data and other relevant documents.

24*7 support:

This is one of the major reasons why many customers opt for this cloud computing platform. And this is necessary for the companies who were dealing with tens of thousands of customers daily. This CRM platform tracks the customer queries and prioritizes them in the order of importance and the time elapsed since the customer first send the query.

Salesforce Advisor:

The salesforce  Advisor personalizes the user experience with its advisory system. When a company registered at salesforce, a salesforce advisor is assigned to your company. The advisors meet with the company’s representatives to discuss the goals and needs. The advisors here meet with the company representatives to discuss the goals and needs. The advisor here helps the companies to set up the business, and stay in touch throughout the project to guide and ensure the project goals were met.  And if the company wishes to change the grow its size and the project goals our advisors will assist you in that as well.


Salesforce ranked No.1 due to its creative features. Today Salesforce is being used by companies of various sizes like the small, medium as well as large across the boundaries. The testimonials here reflect the reliability of the features that salesforce offers. Today many users credit salesforce for vast flexibility and easily customizable interfaces.  Some people say this tool helps you to keep the track of the customers and make it easy to interact with them. And most of the users share that, Salesforce has helped the companies to meet the deliverables, and achieve results in being creative, innovative, and productive.

Likewise, there are many reasons for companies to use salesforce. And these were the most probable reasons why salesforce rules the business world. By reaching the end of this, I hope you have got enough idea on the importance of Salesforce in the IT Industry. In the upcoming post of this blog, I'll be getting the new information on Salesforce. To get more information on Salesforce by real-time industry experts visit Salesforce Online Course.  Also, check out our latest Salesforce Interview Questions and get placed in an MNC.