What are the popular DevOps tool in 2021?

Agile is the most important principle for any software operation to work.  And the Development, as well as the Operations teams, should work together to the agility of the process. The Traditional approaches fail to produce continuous development and the integration process in the software development life cycle. Then the DevOps came into existence to enable the continuity for the development and integration process and also to increase the agility of the software process.  If you think of DevOps as a tool to establish the integration for development and integration process then you are wrong. Check our previous blog on What is DevOps to know the complete details on it. Today many tools were depending on these principles and many firms were using those tools for software development. Do you wanna know what are the popular DevOps tools ?. Then read the complete article on Popular DevOps tools in 2021.

The term DevOps can be described in many ways. One among them was:

DevOps is a set of principles defined to enable continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, and continuous deployment and continuous delivery of the software process.

Top DevOps Tools in 2021:

Today many tools that we were using were dependent on these principles. Some of them were:


Docker is a tool for containerization. This Linux –based Open-source platform focuses on containers. i.e With this tool, you can package the required software along with its dependencies as a single unit. Hence with the utilization of this tool, the user need not struggle with the depending packages everything will be taken care of by the tool itself.  This tool is portable and highly secure and allows you to use any language in it. The advantage of this tool is it allows secure packaging and deploying and also allows the running of the application irrespective of the software platform. Moreover, we can easily integrate this tool with many other tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and Bamboo.


 It is one of the most effective IT orchestration and configuration management tools in the market.  When compared with its competitors, ansible offers a software look and does not hog on your devices in the background.  This tool is primarily used for pushing the new changes within the existing system as well as configuring the newly deployed machines.  Today many IT firms were using this tool due to for lowering the cost of the infrastructure and increasing replication scalability are the two major reasons.


It is another highly popular open-source DevOps tool used by industry giants like  Microsoft, Facebook, and so on.  This tool allows you to track your work development and enables you to coordinate with your team members.  This tool is easy for experimenting with because with this tool you can easily revert to the earlier versions. This tool allows developers to make rapid iterations to the code and the notification is sent immediately to the team members. Besides this tool allows the users to create branches and add those new features when they are ready. Here, you need to host the repository for work such as Git Hub.

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This DevOps tool lets you manage and automate software inspection, operation, and delivery.  This open-source tool has a solid track record and thousands of modules are easily integrated with many other platforms. For small projects, you can use this software free version and can go with the Enterprise versions for large projects. This Enterprise version lets you manage multiple teams and thousands of resources.


This powerful open-source configuration management tools let you turn the infrastructure into code to manage data, attributes,  roles, environment, and many more. Like a puppet, this tool supports multiple platforms and easily integrates with cloud-based platforms.  Irrespective of the size of the infrastructure, this tool is capable of automating the infrastructure configuration and the application deployment as well as manage the configuration across the network.


It is an open-source integration server, that allows you to automate the complete build of the software project. This tool is popularly used for finding the issues in the code. Besides,  it is responsible for automating the delivery pipeline and lets you test and report the changes in real-time. Due to its plugin-based ecosystem, it can easily be integrated with every other  DevOps tool. Today most of the tasks and the tools involved in SDLC can be automated using Jenkins and allows its team members to increase the throughput.


It is the best open-source monitoring tool. It allows the users to find and correct the problems in the network and the infrastructure. This tool has two editions Nagios Core and Nagios XI. Among those Nagios XI offers greater functionality.  You can use Nagios to monitor the applications, services, network protocols, and many more. And the forum support is available in both versions.


 It is relatively a new orchestration platform that lets you manage hundreds of containers.  With this tool, you can deploy the containerized apps to a group of computers, and Kubernetes automates their distribution and scheduling.  Users can use the Kubernetes and Docker together where Kubernetes is used as an orchestration platform and docker lets you build, distribute and run containers and the docker lets you build, distribute and run containers.


 This tool allows the user to build and manage the virtual environments in a single flow whether you are a developer, designer. Here you will have the simple workflow as everyone in the team.  This open-source tool aims to mirror the production environment where the bugs can be fixed early in the production process.  Moreover, this tool can be easily integrated with chef, puppet ansible, and many more


This is an open-source tool from Apache that automates the build process and the resolution of dependencies.  This tool is primarily used for java objects.  This tool is based on the concept of the project object model that relies on XML and has predefined targets for performing the common tasks. Today most of the Maven functionality comes with plugins.

Likewise, many tools depend on the DevOps principles. By reaching the end of this blog, I hope you people have got enough knowledge on  DevOps tools. You people can get the practical knowledge on these tools taught by industry professionals through DevOps Online Course. In the upcoming post of this blog, I'll be sharing the details on each tool in a separate post. Meanwhile, you people can check out our DevOps Interview Questions.


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