What does VM Ware do?

VM Ware is virtualization and cloud-based software service provider founded in 1988. In the year 2004, VM Ware was acquired by EM Corporation. In 2016, Dell acquired  EM Corporation. This platform works through x86 architecture on bare metal. Through VM Ware server virtualization, a hypervisor is installed on the physical server. All VM’s on the same physical server share the same resources such as RAM as well as Networking. VM Ware has its roots and technical gravity center around virtualization that is capable of running large unmodified operating systems in virtual machines.

What does VM Ware do?

Presence of software layer between the operating system and physical hardware this platform is capable of tackling various problems like fault isolation, storage, resource management, application management, machine providing, etc in a robust way that were not dependent on the application running above the virtualization layer. In addition, this VM Ware contains the VMotion technology that allows the machine running to move from one physical host to the other without the interruption of the service.  VM Ware projects and plan for designing, developing, and optimizing the product that makes the computing more accessible, available, redundant, and easily accessible. This platform makes the virtualization in different areas through different products.

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What are the different products of VM Ware?

VM Ware includes several products. Some of them were virtualization, networking, and security management tools, storage software as well as data center software.

Data Center and the Cloud Infrastructure:

VMWare VSphere is a suite of virtualization products. VM Ware VSphere known as VM Ware Infrastructure includes ESXi, V Sphere Client, V Center Server as well as vMotion. The latest version is V Sphere 7.0 is available in three different editions such as Standard, Enterprise Plus as well as Platinum. Additionally, it also contains two-three server kits that were targeted towards small and medium scale businesses namely VSphere Essentials and Essential Plus.

Through a VM Ware Cloud on AWS, customers can run a cluster of Vsphere host through VSAN and NSX in Amazon Data Center to run the workloads.

Networking and Security:

VMWare NSX is a virtual networking and security software, allows administrators to virtualize the network component and thus enables them to develop, deploy and configure the virtual networks and switches through software rather than hardware. A layer present on the top of the administrator divides the physical network into various virtual networks.

VMWare VReliaze Network Insight is a network operations management tool that enables admin to plan micro-segmentation and check the health of VM Ware NSX. This V Reliaze Network Insight relies on technology that collects the information from the NSX manager. In addition, it displays an error in its user interface that helps in troubleshooting the NSX environment

SDDC Platform:

SDDC Manager is capable of integrating the software stack that bundles VM Ware V SAN, VM Ware NSX, V Sphere into a single platform. Through this software, an admin can deploy the bundle on-premises as a private cloud (or) run it as a service within a public cloud. Additionally, the administrator can provide the application immediately without having to wait for the network (or) storage.

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Storage and Availability:

VM Ware VSAN is a software-based storage feature that is built into ESXi hypervisor and integrated with VSphere.Here the disk space is pooled through various ESXi hosts and provisioned through different smart policies such as erasure coding, thin provisioning as well as protection limits.It Integrates with V Sphere high availability to offer increased compute as well as storage availability.

VM Ware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a disaster recovery management product that allows the administrator to create recovery plans that were automatically executed in case of failure. Site Recovery Manager allows admins to automatically orchestrate the failover and failback of VM’s. SRM also integrates with NSX to preserve the network as well as the security policies on migrated VM’s.

VM Ware VCloud NFV is a virtualization platform to perform the networking functions which enables the service provider for application virtualization through multiple vendors. In addition, it provides similar benefits like virtualization and cloud communication services that relies on hardware.

Cloud Management Platform:

VReliaze suite is a group of software that allows users to create and manage hybrid clouds. The VReliaze suite includes V Reliaze operations for monitoring,  V Reliaze Log Insight for centralized logging, V Reliaze automation for Data Center Automation, and V Reliaze Business for Cloud for cost management.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:

VM Ware Horizon allows organizations to run windows desktop in a Data Center, (or) in a VM Ware cloud (or) the AWS. This removes the need to place and manage the full desktop in the workplace and centralizes the management and security for the user environment. It integrates with VM Ware product app volumes and Dynamic environment manager for application delivery and Windows Desktop Management.

Digital Workspace and Enterprise Mobility Management:

WorkSpace One allows an administrator to control mobile devices and cloud-hosted virtual desktops and applications from a single managed platform in a cloud (or) on-premises. The workspace here includes the Horizon Air, VM Ware Air Watch, and Identity Manager. Here the Identity Manager is an Identity as a Service product that offers the single Sign On (SSO) capabilities for Web, Cloud as well as mobile applications. This identity manager is an identity as a Service product that offers a single sign-on capability for web, cloud as well as mobile applications. The SSO present here grants access to any application from any device using the policy creation protocol.

VMWare Air Watch is software base on  Enterprise mobility management (EMM) which enables an admin to deploy and manage mobile devices, applications, and data.

Personal Desktop:        

VM ware Work station is the first product released by the software company. It enables the user to create and run VM’s directly on single windows (or) Linux System (Desktop (or) Laptop). These VM’s runs simultaneously along with the physical machine. Here each VM runs its OS such as Windows (or) Linux. Hence this enables users to run Windows on a Linux machine (or)vice versa simultaneously along with the natively installed OS.

Likewise many components come into the picture while virtualizing the product. By reaching the end of this post, I expect you have gained enough knowledge on What does VM Ware do using different components. In the upcoming post of this blog, I'll be sharing with you the complete details of each VM ware component.  Also, newbies can get the practical session of each component by real-time professionals through VM Ware Online Course. And also learners can check out our VM Interview Questions to get placed in an MNC.