What is a Testing tool?

Are you aware of software testing? Do you know its importance? If NO, then you are at the right place to know about the testing tool.  This article on testing tools gives you detailed information on software testing. All software requires extensive testing before it is rolled to the public. Quality Control engineers use both open sources and commercial tools for testing the applications based on the software it is built.   Let us start our discussion at

What is test automation?

It is defined as the automation of test-related activities.  This test automation makes the test cases to execute automatically and reduce the intervention of human effort.  Since less time is needed in an explanatory test, more time is needed in maintaining the test scripting coverage. Automated testing suits well for large projects and projects that require repeated testing.

Who should be involved in test automation?

When evaluating the testing solution, it is important to have a tool that fits the needs of all different team members who were involved in the testing process.  These include:

Manual Testers:  Record and replay are crucial for the manual testers especially for the people who were new to the automation. Utilization of the same recorded input data is easier in identifying and fixing problems across multiple environments.

Automation Engineers: For automation engineers robust support for scripting languages, Integration with CI Systems, and the ability to scale the test easily be important.

Developers: Implementing the testing in the development process requires the ability to conduct the test with IDE’s and such as eclipse and visual studio.

What are the popular testing tools?

These testers use various tools to test different kinds of applications. Some of them were :

Testing Tools:

Katalon Studio:

It is a test automation tool that enables you to test your web, mobile as well as API. This solution makes use of Selenium and appium engines. It offers an integrated environment for the testers to integrate different frameworks and tools.


It is a commercial tool that originally allows users to test desktop, web, and mobile apps. It also offers various features of API Testing.


It is a well-known testing tool when comes to testing automation. It allows users to write scripts in a variety of languages including Java, C#, python, ruby. This tool runs on several operating systems and browsers. The drawback of this tool is that here you need to spend the amount of additional time in building the frameworks as well as the other tools for actual automation

Test Complete:

It enables desktop, mobile, and web testing. It offers users to choose different languages like Javascript, VB Script, python (or) C++ to write scripts. This tool contains a recognition engine that is capable of detecting user interface elements that are responsible to test apps whose interfaces change often.


Testim is an automation tool that employees machine learning to help developers with authoring, execution, and maintenance of automated test.  This tool allows developers to quickly create test cases and execute them on many mobile and web platforms. This tool learns data with every execution.  Testim uses all the machine learning to improve itself and makes the test cases more stable.

Mantis Bug tracker:

This is an open-source test management tool that is simple and allows the teammates to collaborate. This tool has custom fields for the test cases and allows the users to control the access rights of various users and include email notifications for issues/updates/ comments.

Test Collab: 

This proprietary tool helps to manage and plan various test cases in addition to the production of in-depth reports of various test execution statutes. Besides, this tool is capable of integrating with other tools as well.


This tool is capable of enabling automated testing along using behavior-driven development. Here the functional test was written in plain text and can be automated with the scripts written in Ruby, Java, Dot Net, and many more. Here the cucumber is a plain text behavior and can also be translated into 40 different languages. Besides it also responsible for bridging the gaps between the customer, QA, and the development teams.

Device Anywhere:

This tool lets you test on real devices for both Android as well as IoS. And this tool is available in both free as well as the paid versions. Here the free version comes with limited functionality and the paid version comes with unlimited functionality.

Likewise, many automation tools were available today. You can gain practical knowledge on these tools at Testing tools online training

How to pick the right automation tool?

As mentioned above, many testing automation tools were available today in the market. So based on the requirement, we need to pick the right automation tool. Hence choosing the best automation tool depends on three important factors. They are the target platform, the learning curve, and the pricing.

 Here the first factor is easy to understand. For an instance, if your product is a desktop application then every automation tool that works for mobile and web was automatically declassified. The second here we need to analyze is the learning curve.  And if your learning curve is too steep, then it might be a bad sign.  Here you need to analyze the problem of the steep learning curve. It depends on how quickly your team is up and running. And in some cases, it takes time for learning the tool due to its benefits. Finally, the last factor that we need to consider is pricing. Today all the firms were not in the same financial position. So the tool that you were going to buy is affordable for all kinds of firms. And many of these tools have a free-tier and allows you to try at least once and can buy the tool on a monthly (or) annual basis.

So based on the above three factors the tester should weigh against the three factors and calculate the points in each area and make a final decision in picking the right automation tool.

By reaching the end of this blog, I hope you people have gotten a basic idea regarding the need for testing tools and various kinds of testing tools that were available today in the market. In the upcoming post of this blog, I will be sharing the details of working on each testing tool by real-time industry professionals at the Testing Tool Online Course. Meanwhile, have a glance at our Selenium Interview Questions and crack the interview.