What is Cognos?

The availability of the internet has made many changes in IT  people’s life. Data generation is one of those. Today data gets generated exponentially. This data may contain useful as well as useless data.   Besides this data may also contain redundant data. So we need to analyze this data and remove duplicate data. And this filtered data may contain raw data in different formats.  And we need to convert these multiple forms of data into a single form. Processing all these manually is a tedious task and requires high effort. Hence to get rid of all these problems we need a tool to perform all those. Then Cognos came into existence to do all these tasks. Hence let us have a quick look at those

Before going to about what is Cognos, let us have a quick look at

Why do we need Cognos?

Any enterprise (or) an individual needs this tool to automate the data analysis as well as the Visualization task.  This tool also helps in taking the predicting the future trends that could ensure in taking the key business decision.

What is Cognos reporting tool?

IBM’s Cognos is a web-based reporting and analytics tool. This tool helps you to perform data aggregation and create user-friendly detailed reports. This tool offers an option to export the report in XML (or) PDF format. This analytics software tool was founded in 1969 by Alan Rushforth and peter Glenister. It has begun as a consulting firm for the Canadian government and offers its first Software product under the name QUIZ  in 1979. This software enables business users without technical knowledge to extract the corporate data to analyze it and assemble reports.

Since Cognos is built on open standards, we can utilize this software products with relational and multidimensional data from multiple sources like Microsoft, NCR Teradata, SAP, and Oracle.  This business intelligence performance management tool for IBM allows technical and non-technical employees to analyze, extract, and create interactive dashboards that enable companies to take business decisions. Cognos contains three dozens of software products. Since it consists of several different products, it enables communication with different third parties. This intelligence platform provides an analytical solution for business that is scalable and self- service. Moreover, this framework interactive feature makes it a good way of creating a user-friendly dashboard and reports for every company.

This powerful business intelligence tool suits well for data mining, data analysis, event monitoring, metric collection for the visualization of data. Hence for any business to stay ahead in the market it gives powerful medium analytics to predict the market trends and take appropriate actions

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What can you do with Cognos?

Cognos allows the creation of intelligent interactive dashboards to make the business informed decisions. Since the system is inbuilt with machine learning and AI, this tool is capable of data creation and analysis and also enables users to get relevant answers to the questions

How does Cognos make the working easy?

This business intelligence tool allows users to create interactive dashboards. Moreover, these tools are capable of predicting changes in the market. Today many analysts suggest the newbies that this tool is capable of taking the right decisions at the right time and make your firm on the top of the market. Moreover, many companies opt for these business intelligence tools due to their features. Let us have a quick look at those features.

Cognos Features:

a)Since the tool is equipped with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, it enables us to make future predictions and create intelligent dashboards.

b)It uses the pattern detection property to discover the hidden patterns in data that could not be unheard (or) not expected in normal circumstances

c)As mentioned above, this tool is not only capable of creating the interactive dashboards, It has a capability of creating the interactive dashboards in multiple formats. Hence it enables the stakeholders to analyze the way they require and helps in the business making process.

d)Natural language processing is a way to extract information from raw text and make intelligent predictions. So Cognos using natural language powered by AI assist users to get the intelligent response to the questions posted by them.

The manual task usually takes time and effort. But this Cognos BI tool eliminates the need for human interventions by automating the data preparation process through its built-in ecosystem

Advantages of Cognos:

Cognos has several advantages. Let us discuss some of them

a)Data Preparation:

Files of different formats like CSV, spreadsheets can be easily accessed and uploaded. It also helps in finding the relevant data sources with the help of its intelligent system using natural processing language. Besides, these tools are also capable of automation of the integration of different sources.

b)Data Explorations:

The Data could be visualized and reported in a professional manner using Cognos. Also, its intelligent features allow plotting the correct chart for the particular business problem. Moreover, this tools contains various it's geospatial features  in the dashboard.

c)Data Sharing :

Once the data is prepared and explored, it could be shared over different cloud platforms (or) Cloud. It also enables users to report subscriptions. Moreover, this platform integrates different charts that can integrate to create a story using various features like Voice overs, overlays, and so on.

Disadvantages of Cognos:

Even though there are many beautiful advantages of Cognos, there are some minor disadvantages as mentioned below:

a)This tool does not support multi-layer dimension analysis

b)These tools cannot be accepted very eagerly in departmental (or) the divisional employments.

We cannot except 100 %  pros everywhere. Each tools has some pros and cons. Irrespective of the above mentioned minor cons, this tool suit best in the analysis platform. I hope you people have got enough idea regarding the Cognos reporting tool. You people can get practical knowledge of this tool by live industry experts through the Cognos Online Course. In the upcoming articles of this blog, ill be sharing the details of the installation, components, and so on. Meanwhile, have a glance at our Cognos Interview Questions and crack the interview.