What is MSBI?

The need for Business Intelligence tools does not exhaust as long as IT and the internet exist around us. So many business intelligence vendors were adding more and more features to these tools for quick analysis of the data. This article on MSBI is another example to let you know their need and importance of business intelligence tools in the market. Without wasting much time, let us move into the actual topic.

What is MSBI?

It is a Microsoft business intelligence tool. The business intelligence tool is capable of providing the ultimate solutions to execute data mining and business queries. Besides, this tool provides various types of data access to the companies where the companies can take business decisions and can also plan for the future. Moreover, with this tool, companies can take better decisions and can also plan for the future.

By default, these business intelligence tools provide some plans to work with the data and analyze it. Besides, this tool also allows you to implement the new data as well. This powerful suite is composed of many tools that help in providing the best solution for business intelligence and data mining queries. This tool uses Visual Studio and SQL Server. Besides, it offers different tools for different processes that are necessary for Business Intelligence solutions. Moreover, this Microsoft tool is capable of understanding complex data, allocating, analyzing, and setting up a proper report that helps in taking business decisions.

Why MSBI is necessary?

Many data analyst/scientist use MSBI due to the following reasons:

a)This Microsoft tool is capable of storing as well as retrieving the data to take the smart decisions

b)This Microsoft BI suite consists of several resourceful tools to provide the best solution for business intelligence.

  1. c) Since the market is lagging the SSAS, SSIS, SSRS professionals, demand for this business intelligence tool has increased much.
  2. d) To get different tools for the different process that are necessary for the business intelligence solutions

Besides, there are many other reason to learn MSBI to be a successful IT professional. Are you curious to know what are those? then visit MSBI Online Training.


This Microsoft business intelligence  tool has 3 components. They are :


SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services

SSAS- SQL Server Analytical Services

SSRS –SQL Server Reporting Services

Let us discuss each of them briefly:


As the name suggest, this component is useful to integrate the data coming from different sources. This component is responsible for the integration data ware housing. Since the data gets collected from various sources to integrate, this component uses Extract, Transform and load (ETL) process to store the data. Moreover, this phase is responsible to store the data from different locations, ingrate it and ultimately store the data in a data ware house. This tool is capable of building high performance integration and workflows. Besides this tool contains various graphics tools and wizards for building packages. In simple words, this component suits best for bulk transaction. And this is useful to generate the trend reports, predictive analysis and the comparison reports. Hence this tool fits best for the business analyst  in making the quick decisions.


This is the process of converting the two dimensional data into multidimensional data model. This tool suits best in analyzing large volumes of data. Besides, this tool is responsible to analyze the performance of SQL Server in terms of loading balancing, heavy data, transaction. The main responsibility of this tools is to develop Online Analytical Processing Solutions (OLAP). Hence this analytical tool fits in the for the administrators to analyze the data.Moreover, with this analytical tool, admin analyzes the data before moving in to the database. Besides, user  can also  get the details of number of transactions happen in a sec. This SSAS has many advantages. Some of them were multi-dimensional analysis, Key performance indicator, Score card, Good performance, Security and so on.


As the name indicates, this tool is responsible to prepare the reports that contains virtual. This reporting platform presents the modern as well as he traditional reports through suitable (or) the custom applications. This component is platform-independent and  efficient. Moreover, it is also capable of retrieving the data from various sources and can export the functionality in lot of formats.Besides, this tool has access to the web based reports. Hence it is capable of display the reports in the form of guague, tabular, chart and many more.This SSRS has many excellent benefits. Among them the popular services were retrieving data from multiple sources, Support for ad-hoc reporting, export functionality with variable formats and so on.

MSDN Library:

It is a collection of sites for the development team to provide documentation, information as well as the discussion that is delivered by Microsoft. Here, Microsoft have give more importance on the incorporation of forums, blogs, social bookmaking, library annotations.

 What are the features of MSBI?

There are many features of MSBI. Let us discuss some of them:

  1. Provides a singe value of truth to make the effective decisions
  2. Eliminates (or) reduces the ‘Instinctive decisions’
  3. Provides a quick and timely answers to the business and making it more responsive to the business trends
  4. Minimize the manual work
  5. Support for the historical and summarized data
  6. Robust support for advanced analysis

Hence likewise, there are many features of this Microsoft business intelligence tool in real time .You people can acquire hands on experience on this Business intelligence tool by live experts through online at MSBI Online Course. I hope you have got a basic regarding the need and utilization of MSBI in IT industry.In the upcoming post of this blog, ill be delivering in detail information of each component individually. Meanwhile have a glance at our MSBI interview Questions and make get placed in an MNC.