What is Python programming?

Python is the buzz that has created today in the IT world. This buzz has changed the way of application development in the IT industry. Today many people were curious to learn python. And you are one among them to know what it is? How it is utilized in the IT industry. Read the complete article to get rid of your curiosity.

Before getting deep into the topic, let us walkthrough

What is Python?

Python is a high-level interpreted programming language, This programming language has an easy syntax and dynamic semantics. This programming language is much easier than many other programming languages in the IT industry. With the arrival of this programming language, application development becomes easy to use. Moreover, developers can develop a beautiful application with less code within a short period.

Moreover, its high-level in-built data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding make it interactive for rapid application development. Hence this easy to learn syntax increases readability and reduces the cost of programming maintenance. Besides, this programming language support modules and packages that encourage the programming modularity and code use. Since there is no compilation step, the edit-debug step is incredibly fast. Here the debugger is written in the python itself to testify the python's introspective power.

Why python?

Do you know why this programming language has gained more importance when compared to other programming languages? This is because of the following reasons:


This programming language derives the components from the natural programming language that humans communicate with each other. Thus this programming language makes it easier for anyone to try and relate what exactly happening. Hence this gets rid of reading the tons of machine code.


This programming language code is interpreted line by line. Hence this feature makes the application development easier and efficient. Moreover, the programming cost is also very less when compared to the other programming languages

c)Easy Syntax:

The syntax of this programming language is very easy when compared to other programming languages. For instance, this programming language makes use of indentations instead of braces. Hence this makes it easier for the user to understand what blocks of code come under the function. Hence the code is well distributed to read, it makes it easy for anyone to read it.

d)Dynamic Semantics:

Unlike the other programming language, this programming language does not require to initialize the variable. The interpreter will automatically take care of all those initialization dynamically Likewise, there are many other reasons to opt for this programming language. You people can acquire hands-on experience in this language at Python Online Training

Python Features:

The major utilization of this programming language is due to its excellent features as shown below:


This programming language is known for its simplicity. With this programming language, you can solve the complex problems with fewer lines of code


This programming language is free for anyone to use. Hence this programming language allows the user to modify the source code according to the needs without any interruptions


The code developed in one platform can be able to run in other platforms without any changes. And this feature is very helpful when a couple of people working in a project


This programming language allows the user to embedded the code from other programming languages. This makes the programming language more versatile and flexible


Since the python programming is interpreted line-by-line debugging is more easy and powerful. Hence this makes the application run faster and efficient

Library support:

Python programming language supports a huge number of libraries to deliver the inbuilt code to its users. Hence with this huge library support, developers can concentrate more on application logic rather than the programming logic


This is one of the best features of this programming environment. With this feature, you can replicate the real-world scenarios to your code and also provide security. Hence the developer can develop the best application with this. Hence, likewise, there are many excellent features of python programming in the real world to develop various kinds of applications.

How Python is useful in application development?

This programming language is useful in many ways in application development. Some of them were as follows : a) Creating the web application with python frameworks such as Flask and Django b) Creates workflows for the software that you were working on c) To modify the files and data stored in databases Likewise, there is much application of this programming language in the IT industry. Moreover, today companies were paying the best salaries to these professionals. Besides, this programming language suits best in problem-solving. Hence once you master this platform, you can join in any one of the following areas:

a)Data Scientist:

A Data Scientist is a person who cracks the complex problems related to math, statistics, and so on. Using a programming language, Data Scientist does solve the complex problems logically as per the client requirements

b)software Engineer:

These people design, develop, test, and maintain the software applications according to the client requirements

c)Web Developer:

As a web developer, you people can utilize this programming language to serve the users using the client-server model. With python, we can develop different applications like information sharing, social networking platforms, entertainment, and so on. Likewise, there are many areas that python programming can be applied. Now, we will also discuss the opposite side of this

Where python cannot be applied?

Since python is a high-level programming language, this does not suites well in system-level programming. Some of them were device drivers, Os Kernel, and so on. Besides, this platform also not suits well in calling the cross-platform standalone applications. But you can build the standalone python application for Windows, Mac, Linux and so in a smart way. And it also does not suit well for application where speed is the most important factor.

Hence like this, there are many more features that were available in this programming. You people can learn python and acquire hands-on experience on these features by live experts online at Python Online Course. I hope you people have got enough idea regarding python basics. In my next article, I'll be discussing you with the python programming examples with the live use cases as per the market. Also, check our Python Interview Questions and get selected in a reputed firm and make your dream comes true