What is Python used for?

Python has become the most popular language in recent years. This programming language has become more popular due to its wide range of applications. We can apply python programming from machine learning to build websites and software testing, self-driving cars. It can be used by both developers and non-developers alike. Besides this, python can also be applied in Data Science, Software Development and application, automation, and many more. Are you looking to know the application of python programming in detail? If yes, you are at the right place. Read the article till the end to know python applications.

Before going to the actual discussion, let us have a quick discussion,

What is python?

Python is an objected-oriented interpreted programming language, used to build websites, software, automate the task and conduct data analysis. This general-purpose programming language is used to create a variety of different programs and is not specialized for any specific problems. Even non-programmers like accountants and scientists can adapt to a variety of tasks like organizing and finances. You can get more information on what is python on this website.

Python programming is used in the following areas:

Python Applications:

Data Analysis and Machine Learning:

Python has become a staple in Data Science, allowing the data analyst and other professionals, to use the language to conduct complex statistical calculations, creation of data visualizations, building machine learning algorithms, Data Analysis, and other Data related tasks. Through Python, we can create different data visualizations like Line and Bar graphs, Histograms, Pie charts, and 3D plots. This programming language has several libraries that enable coders to write programs for data analysis and machine learning quickly.

Data Visualization:

Data Visualization plays a major role in the IT industry. Python is an open-source and flexible programming language that provides a variety of graphic libraries with all kinds of features. Whether it is a simple graphical representation (or) an interactive plot, you can find the library to match your needs. Python Programming language has vast possibilities that allow you to transform the data into meaningful insights.

Web Development:

Python is often used to develop the backend of the website (or) application. Python plays a major role in web development like sending the data to and from the servers, data processing and communicating the data with Databases, URL routing to ensure security. This programming language has some frameworks like Django and Flask for Web Development.

Programming Application:

Developers can develop a variety of applications using python. This general-purpose programming language can be used to read and create file directories, Create GUI, API, and many more. Irrespective of the application type i.e blockchain application, audio, and video apps (or) machine learning applications you can build them all with python.

Automation (or ) scripting:

There might be some situations where you require the execution of repeated tasks again and again which is a time taking process. So to overcome this process, automation is done. Writing the code to build the automated scripts is called Scripts. In this programming world, automation can be used to check for errors, across multiple files. Convert files, execute the simple and remove the duplicates.

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Software Testing and Prototyping:

In Software Development, python can aid tasks like build control, bug tracking, and testing. With python,  software developers can automate the testing for new products (or)features.  Green and Requestium were some of the tools used for software testing.

Game Development :

Besides Software Development, python can also be used for Game development. With the Python programming language, it is possible to develop simple games. Besides, we can quickly create a prototype where certain functions like dialogue tree creation are also available in python.

Language Development :

The simple and elegant use of the python programming language has inspired the creation of new programming languages. Languages such a Go, COBRA, Coffe Script were similar to that of python. Many developers suggest that python is a powerful gateway language, where the understanding of python's programming language helps you enhance your programming skills and also lets you master multiple areas very easily.


Rather than IT, python can also be used in the field of Finance. The concept of python programming can be applied in Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Python Programming Language is good at determining the price trends and predictions as well as automating the workflows across the different data sources.  This python is an ideal tool for


SEO is another field where the application of python programming exists. Python helps in categorizing keywords (or) multiple pages. SEO works using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and python suits best in NLP and helps you in understanding how people search and how search engines return results.


This programming language can also be used to develop graphic design applications. This language is used across a range of 2D imaging software such as Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. This programming language is even used in 3D Animation Software such as lightwave, Blender, and Cinema 4D.


You can build a Graphical User Interface (GUI) calculator using python.  Using Python programming, you can calculate complex calculations.

Operating Systems:

Python is so robust that can be used to build the entire operating system. The Object-oriented feature of this programming language makes large projects easier to manage. And speaking of the operating systems, python is compactable with all the operating systems. i.e. you can build the native applications for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

These are some of the applications to name it. But in real-time there are multiple applications of python programming.  By reaching the end of this article, I hope you people have got enough information on python programming.  You can get a more practical explanation of python programming by Real-Time industry professionals through Python Online Course.  In the upcoming posting of this blog, I'll be sharing the details of the execution of python programming in different environments. Meanwhile, have a glance at our Python Interview Questions