What is Selenium?

Make an application live in the market is not as easy as you think. This is because application development requires several steps to release into the market. This involves planning, designing, implementation, testing, debugging, monitoring, and production. An application gets executed all these processes sequentially. Among all these processes,  testing is the crucial phase in developing an application. The test result decides an application to make into production.  Selenium is the best testing tool to test various kinds of applications in the market. Would you like to know how? Read the complete articles to get the best knowledge on this tool.

Before going to have a brief discussion on this tool, let us have an initial discussion on

Need for Testing:

The world of technology is completed dominated by machines. Here the behavior is controlled by software powering it. And we cannot expect the machines to be run exactly all the time. So to make the application run the same all the time, we need to test application software and make it bug-free. This test result shows the application success rate. And this application success rate shows your business growth. This testing is necessary for all kinds of applications from small to large. Moreover, this software testing is divided into types like Manual Testing and Automation. This Automation testing is responsible to overcome the problem of manual testing.

Challenges of Manual Testing:

Manual testing refers to the testing of web applications manually by QA testers. Here tester needs to perform various test cases manually in every environment using different data sets and the success-failure rate of every transaction should be recorded.  And we cannot expect every manual testing is accurate all the time. Because there would be failures occasionally during manual testing. Hence to overcome these kinds of failures,  testers opts automation testing compared to manual testing. And Selenium is an example of this automation testing

What is Selenium?

It is an open-source tool, that is responsible for automating the test performed on the web browsers. With this tool, we can test both the mobile as well as desktop applications. This tool was originally developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. This tool suits well in developing applications across various browsers, platforms as well as programming languages. And this tool also suits well for various mobile platforms like Windows, Android, iOs, and so on.

This tool uses different drivers to support a variety of programming languages. Some of the popular languages that this tool supports are C#, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby. Among all these programming languages, selenium web driver is popular with java and python to test different kinds of scripts. Likewise, this tool supports different browsers like Safari, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and so on. Using selenium testers can able to deliver faster test cycles by automating rapid test cases. And you people can get the selenium download even through online. Kits Selenium Online Training gives a more detailed explanation of this tool.

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Selenium Tools:

This Selenium suite is composed of several different tools as follows:

 Remote Control(RC):

It is a testing framework that enables the QA (or) developer to write test cases in any programming language to automate the UI tests for web applications. This Selenium RC consists of Selenium Server and Selenium Remote Control(RC). The RC Server communicates using simple HTTP using GET/POST request. In Selenium RC, communication with the RC server is very slow. Hence this RC Server is a time-consuming process.

Integration Development Environment(IDE):

It is a firefox plugin that has donated the selenium IDE prototype to the apache selenium project. This firefox plugin is responsible for the faster creation of test cases. Here the IDE implements a record and playback model. Here the test cases are created by recording the user interactions with the browser. And these tests can be played back any number of times. Besides the advantage of this plugin allows to export the test records via different plugins like java, ruby, python, and so on.

Web Driver:

It is the first cross-platform testing that could control the browser from the OS level. In contrast to IDE, this web driver provides a programming interface to increate and execute test cases. Here the test cases are written such that web elements on the web pages are identified and the actions were performed on those elements. It is an upgraded version of Selenium RC. Hence it is much faster in comparision with RC.


It is an advanced version that allows the simultaneous execution of an application in different browsers. One of the main advantages of using the grid is that it divides the total test suite to work with different machines at the same time. This tool is very flexible and can add more functionality to the framework to create changes to their versions to get high performance.

How Selenium is different from QTP?

QTP is a functional and regression testing automation that provides the functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. This was used by testers over QTP before selenium. Now let us have a quick look on

Advantages of Selenium over QTP:

  1. It is an open-source tool
  2. It is highly extensible
  3. Runs test across different browsers
  4. Supports various operating system and mobile devices
  5. Can execute the tests in parallel
  6. Capable of test execution while the browser is minimized

Hence likewise, there are many benefits of this tool over other testing tools.  Moreover, you people can get to know all those benefits practically from live experts through  Selenium Online Course. I hope you people have got enough knowledge of Selenium and how it is different from other tools. In the next article, I'll be sharing you with the in-depth knowledge of selenium hq and its components, its applications in various cases, and so on. In the meantime have a glance at Selenium interview Questions and get placed in your dream firm