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Learners : 1350
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KITS Django’s Online training Course, helps you to gain expertise in Django’s framework various concepts like Models, Ajax, JQuery, and so on by real-time experts. Besides you will master in Django framework through real-world use cases.      

Kits Online Training Institute provides the best Django Training by our highly professional certified trainers. Django is an extremely popular and fully featured server-side web framework, written in Python. The module shows you why Django is one of the most popular web server frameworks, how to set up a development environment, and how to start using it to create your own web applications. We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies we also provide Similar Courses like Dell Boomi online training.   

Django components
How to install and Configure Django components
About View Functions
Using Django’s HttpResponse Class
Understanding HttpRequest Objects
Using QueryDict Objects
About URLconf
Regular Expressions
Expression Examples
Simple URLConf Examples
Using Multiple URLConf’s
Passing URL Arguments
Template Fundamentals
Creating Template Objects
Loading Template Files
Filling in Template Content (Context Objects)
Template Tags
Template Filters
More on For Loops
Template Inheritance
Easy Rendering of Templates
RequestContext Processors
Global Context Processors
Form classes
Advanced Forms processing techniques
Django REST framework
Using Python’s unittest2 library
Test Databases
About Database Models
Configuring Django for Database Access
Understanding Django Apps
About Django Models
Defining Django Models
Understanding Model Fields & Options
Table Naming Conventions
Creating A Django Model
Adding the App to Your Project
Validating the App
Generating & Reviewing the SQL
Adding Data to the Model
Primary Keys and the Model
Simple Data Retrieval Using a Model
Understanding QuerySets
Applying Filters
Specifying Field Lookups
Lookup Types
Slicing QuerySets
Specifying Ordering in QuerySets
Common QuerySet Methods
Deleting Records
Managing Related Records
Retrieving Related Records
Using Q Objects
Creating Forms from Models
Enabling the Admin Interface
Creating an Admin User
Cookies & Django
The Django Session Framework
Sessions in Views
Session Tuning
Installing Django User Authentication
Using Authentication in Views
Login and Logout
Building your Own Login/Logout Views
Authentication Decorators
Adding & Deactivating Users
Asynchronous Messaging
Managing Permissions
Simple Generic Views
Using Generic Redirects
Other Generic Views
Create/Update/Delete Generic views
Data Caching
Setting up Per-View Caching
Site Caching
Configuring Mail Settings
Sending Email
Other Email Functions
Deploying Django Applications


Learn when and where it's convenient for you.Utilise the course's practical exposure through high-quality videos.Real-Time Instructors Will Guide You Through The Course From Basic to Advanced Levels


Receive A Live Demonstration Of Each Subject From Our Skilled Faculty Obtain LMS Access Following Course Completion Acquire Materials for Certification


The Class Mode Of Training, Or Attend An Online Training Lecture At Your Facility From A Subject Matter Expert With discussions, exercises, and real-world use cases, learn for a full day.Create Your Curriculum Using the Project Requirements

The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
Irrespective of your class attendance, every session will be recorded. Soon after the completion of the class, you can able to access the videos
During the course, the trainer will provide the environment to execute the practical's.
Once you contact us, our support team will offer you great discounts.
Yes! we do accept the fee in installments, depending on the mode of training you take.
We offer the best training on different modes like self-paced, one-one, batch as well as corporate training.
Yes! Our support team will take your resumes and forward to the firms for placement assistance
During the course, the trainer will provide the probable certification question to make you certified.

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The Trainer at KITS made sure to address all my doubts. I was impressed with the training and I was able to learn a lot of new things. I would certainly recommend it to my team.
- Vijal Chokshi
The trainer was a very talented person. I was very happy with the session. It went beyond my expectations. Thanks to the trainer
- Suneel Sankranthi
The course which I took from KITS was very useful and helped me to achieve my goal. Through this course, I can able to add a new skill to my resume. Thanks to the trainer.
- Lastarduweb Lastarduweb
The skills I gained from Kits Online Training session has helped me become a better manager. This training helped me to learn from the basics to the advanced level. Thanks to the entire team.
- Rambabu Duggineni
KITS s the best place for learning software IT Courses. The unique course materials, a curriculum plan, given by the well-trained instructors helped me a lot in getting the subject.
- Prakash Bhat

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