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Get practical Knowledge of configuring and deploying the application on hibernate platform conducted by KITS real-time experts with practical use cases as per the latest syllabus and become a master in this JAVA platform

KITS Online Training Institute provides best Hibernate Training course by our highly professional certified trainers. Hibernate is an object-relational mapping (ORM) library for the Java language, providing a framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a traditional relational database. Hibernate solves object-relational impedance mismatch problems by replacing direct persistence-related database accesses with high-level object handling functions. Hibernate’s primary feature is mapping from Java classes to database tables and from Java data types to SQL data types. Hibernate also provides data query and retrieval facilities. Hibernate generates the SQL calls and attempts to relieve the developer from manual result set handling and object conversion and keep the application portable to all supported SQL databases with little performance overhead. We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.

Object/Relational Paradigms
O/R Mismatch
Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Java ORM/Persistent Frameworks
Hibernate Architecture and API
Hibernate Installation/Setup
Configuration Properties
Mapping Files
Basic Mapping
Class to Table Mappings
Property Mapping
Natural Keys
Identifier Exposure
Quoting SQL Tables and Columns
Entity Lifecycle
Transient State
Persistent State
Persistent Object Updates and Automatic Dirty Checking
Detatched State
Object Identifiers Revisited
Domain Model
Entities and Values
Bidirectional Many-to-one
Other Collection
Bidirectional One-to-one
Bidirectional Many-to-many
Collections of Value Types
Collections of Components
Sorting Collections
Inheritance Mapping Strategies
Table per concrete class
Table per subclass
Table per hierarchy
Inheritance Mapping Pros/Cons
Table per concrete class with unions
Choosing an Inheritance Strategy
Lazy Loading
Eager Loading
What’s a Proxy?
Detached Objects and Proxies
Polymorphic Associations Revisited
Custom Mapping Types
User Type
Hibernate Object Fetching Options
Hibernate Query
HQL Parameters
Named Queries
Native SQL
Query By Example
Query Hints
Query Option Pros/Cons
The Java Transaction
Hibernate Transaction Configuration
Hibernate Transaction API
Isolation Levels
Optimistic Locking
Pessimistic Locking
N+1 Selects
Join Fetching
Subselect Fetching
Batch Fetching
Queries and Fetching Strategies
Cartesian product Problem
Hibernate Caching Architecture
First Level Cache
Second Level Cache
Cache Concurrency
Configuring Second Level Cache
Annotations Pros/Cons
Configuring Hibernate Annotations
EJB3/JPA Annotations
Hibernate Annotations


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The Class Mode Of Training, Or Attend An Online Training Lecture At Your Facility From A Subject Matter Expert With discussions, exercises, and real-world use cases, learn for a full day.Create Your Curriculum Using the Project Requirements

The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
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Excellent course, I systematized my knowledge. The author explains in detail.
- Akash Ahuja
The content is quite good for the beginner of the topics !!.
- Antony Robert
Great course. Thank you very much.
- Sachin Sansanwal
The trainer covers the most advanced syllabus with live use cases.
- Harshita Goel
The trainer was Knowledgeable and Explained Well.
- Vanshika Gupta

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