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Get from the roots to the advanced level of programming on Java taught by live experts and acquire hands-on experience of java programing taught by live experts with practical use cases and become a master in java programming.

JAVA is an object-oriented programming language suits best for developing large kinds of applications across the globe. This programming language is known as the evergreen programming language in the IT industry. KITS Online Training provides the best training on JAVA programming from live instructors from the basics of programming through different scenarios makes you master JAVA Programming. KITS offers the best JAVA Certification Course, by interacting with real-world scenarios and imparts the necessary skills on JAVA Programming. Register for the free demo today and become a certified java professional.

Java Program Development
Java Source File Structure
Compilation & Executions
Eclipse Tool Usage
Java Tokens, Identifiers , Keywords, Literals , Comments , Primitive Data types
Condition Statements
Control Statements
Command line Arguments
OOPS Fundamentals.
Class & Object
Function Models
Array of Objects
Static Members
Constructors , Parameterized Constructors, Constructor Overloading
Method Overloading
Access Specifiers & Access Modifiers.
Design of Accessor and Mutator Methods.
Inheritance – Types of Inheritance, Method Overiding, super keyword
Abstract Class – Interfaces
Objects Cloning
Singleton class
String , StringBuffer & StringBulider
Organizing Classes and Interfaces in Packages
Introduction to all pre-defined Packages
Defining Package
Making JAR Files for Library Packages
Import and Static Import
Exceptions & Errors
Types of Exception
Control Flow In Exceptions
Use of try, catch, finally, throw, throws in Exception Handling
In-built and User Defined Exceptions
Checked and Un-Checked Exceptions
Member Inner Class
Static Inner Class
Local Inner Class
Anonymous Inner Class
Understanding Threads , Needs of Multi-threaded Programming
Thread Life-Cycle
Multiple Threads in a program
Thread Priorities
Synchronizing Threads
Streams and the new I/O Capabilities
Understanding Streams
The Classes for Input and Output
The Standard Streams
Working with File Object
File I/O Basics
Reading and Writing to Files
Serialization & Deserialization
Introduction to Collection Framework
Date & Time
Utility Methods for Arrays
List interface & its classes
Set interface & its classes
Map interface & its classes
Iterator & ListIterator & Enumeration Interfaces
Using Scanner
Properties class
Calendar class
What is Jdbc?
What is Driver? and Types of drivers.
Basic commands of MySQL(DDL,DML,DRL)
How to load Driver class.
How to establish Connection b/w Java & Data base s/w.
How to get Statment or PrepareStatement or CallableStatement Objects and its role.
How to perform INSERT,DELETE,UPDATE operations from JDBC in JAVA.
HOW to perform SELECT Operations from JDBC in JAVA.
How to execute pL/SQL functions & Procedures from JDBC in JAVA.
How to perform DATE INSERTION from JDBC in JAVA.
How to perform DATE SELECT from JDBC in JAVA.
DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData Interfaces
What is CGI& its Drawbacks.
What is SERVLET.
How many to develop Servlet.
Servlet Life Cycle.
what is URL-Pattern. Types of URL-Patterns.
xml importance and its tags.
How to develop form pages with Html.
Integration of Form pages & Servlet.
How to read the form pages infomation from servelt.
Integration of Form pages, Servelt & JDBC Application.
Information about ServletConfig & ServletContext,ServletRequest,ServletResponse.
Servlet Chaining(Forward &Include operations).
sendRedirect concept.
Session Tracking.
What is Attribute & types of Attributes.
Drawbacks of servlet.
Jsp phases.
Jsp life cycle.
Jsp tags
Scripting tags. (Declaration tags, Expression tags, Scriplets)
Directive tags (Include , Page, Taglib)
Action tags. (include , forward , useBean , setProperty , getProperty , params , plugin)
Custom tags
Integration of Jsp,Servlet,Jdbc example application.
Creating War and deploying in Web Server
Day 1: Introduction to Java Concepts of JDBC and SQL Drivers

Day2: Basic SQL Queries of MySQL Database

Day3: JDBC Programming with CRUD operations (Insert , Update , Delete, Create, Drop)

Day4: JDBC Programming to retrieve data from database using ResultSet Interface

Day5: JDBC Programming with CRUD operations using PreparedStatement Interface

Day6: JDBC Programming using Batch Executions , DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData Interfaces.

Day7: Introduction to Web technologies architecture , Apache Tomcat web server, Eclipse IDE

Day8: Client Side Programming basics : HTML Tags

Day9: Java Servlet Life Cycle and develop sample Java Servlet Program

Day10: Request Processing using getParameter() and getParameterNames()

Day11: Redirection of response and Request Dispatching to another resource

Day12: HttpSession interface , ServletConfig & ServletContext interfaces

Day13: Java Servlets integration with JDBC concept and DAO design pattern

Day14: Drawbacks of Servlet and Life cycle of a Java Server Page (JSP) – Basics of JSP declaration & expression tag.

Day15: JSP Implicit Objects and JSP Scriplets with Examples

Day16: JSP Directives – include , page , taglib

Day17: JSP Custom tag creation & JSP Action Elements ( forward , include , params)

Day18: POJO Class definition & JSP Action Elements(useBean , setProperty , getProperty)

Day19: JSP integration with JDBC concepts

Day20: WAR File creation and deploying the WAR file in Tomcat Web Server


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