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Get real-time knowledge on Model view and Controller architecture and structs framework and enhance your knowledge on application development through KITS Struts Online Training Course

KITS Online Training Institute provides best Struts training course by our highly professional certified trainers. Struts framework is an open source MVC framework, designed and offered by Apache Software framework for Java based web application development. This framework is extremely useful for speedy application development and encourages use of the MVC or Model View Controller design for its applications. it gives about form beans, custom tags for working with the HTML forms, input validation, and the Tiles view-building framework.We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.

MVC and Model 2
Command Pattern
Jakarta Struts
More XML, Less Java!
Action Mappings
JavaBeans in Struts
Working with Forms
Presentation Technology
Command Pattern for Web Applications
Action Servlets
Action and Action Mapping
Struts Configuration
Selecting a Forward
Global Forwards
Declarative Exception Handling
Global Exception Handlers
Working with HTML Forms
Action Forms a/k/a Form Beans
Relationship to Input
Relationship to Actions
Relationship to the Model
Relationship to Output
DynaActionForm and Map-Backed Forms
Coarse-Grained Form Beans
Building View Components
Struts Tag Libraries
Attributes and Struts Expressions
Building Forms
et. al.
Forms and Form Beans
Scope and Duration of Form Data
Managing Hyperlinks
Error Messages
Logic Tags
JSTL Overview
JSP Expression Language
Core Tags
Formatting Tags
XML Tags
SQL Tags
Mixing JSTL, EL, Scripts and Actions
Indexed Properties and Struts HTML Forms
i18n in Java
i18n in Actions
i18n in JSTL
i18n in Validation
Validation in Web Applications
Validation in Struts
The Struts Validator Plug-In
Validating ActionForm Subtypes
Validating ActionForm Subtypes
Configuring Validation
Standard Validators
The ActionMessages Class
Struts Configuration in Depth
The Configuration Object Model
Subclasses and


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The instructor is having fair knowledge of the course and I will recommend this course to anyone !!
- Tejus Maduskar
Brilliant. The instructor has clarified the doubts very well to the learners. Everything has been explained so clearly. Recommended.
- Rohit Tandlay
Overall, the content was good. Also, it would be great if the course went a little further. For instance, a topic like Restful webservice if explained using struts 2 will be more helpful
- Lucas Búrigo
The Struts Training at KITS is systematic and easy to follow. The trainer explained every concept with real-time scenarios. Thank you Kits Online Training for your efforts.
- Raksha Yadav
I took the Struts training course from KITS. The classes taken during the course were well planner assessments, and projects. The tutor is very knowledgeable and taught will real-word use cases
- Aditya Ahuja

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