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Learners : 1650
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Begin your career with a Tableau Certification Course, gain practical experience with data visualization for Tableau Desktop from live industry experts, and realize your dream of becoming a certified Tableau professional. Choose your Tableau Online Training with KITS.

Tableau is one of the most effective business intelligence tools for analyzing data and creating dashboards that enable more insightful business choices. You can create visualizations, data organization, charts, LOD designs, and dashboard designs with the help of the Tableau online training course provided by KITS Online Training. By interacting with several projects in the retail, entertainment, transportation, and life science domains, you will gain a practical understanding of statistics, data mapping, and building the data connection by the end of this Tableau Certification Course. To obtain Tableau certification, take Tableau Online Courses.


Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
Level Setting – Terminology
Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
The Tableau Product Line
Things you should know about Tableau
Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concepts o Working with data files versus database servers
Understanding the Tableau workspace
Dimensions and Measures
Using Show Me!
Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)
Building Basic Views
Help Menu and Samples
Saving and Sharing your work
Overview of other connection options o Joining multiple tables
o Copy and Paste

o Data Extracts

o Custom SQL

o Publishing and Re-using Data Connections

Understand how to deal with data changes in your data source such as field addition, Deletion or name change
Re-using and sharing data connections – the concept of meta data
Working with multiple connections in the same workbook
Size and Transparency
Working with Dates
Discrete versus Continuous
Dual Axis / Multiple Measures
Combo Charts with different mark types
Geographic Map
Page Trails
Heat Map
Density Chart
Scatter Plots
Pie Charts and Bar Charts
Small Multiples
Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
Working with String Functions
Basic Arithmetic Calculations
Date Math
Working with Totals
Custom Aggregations
Logic Statement
Options in Formatting your Visualization
Working with Labels and Annotations
Effective Use of Titles and Captions
Introduction to Visual Best Practices
Data Types and Roles
Dimension versus Measures
Data Types
Discrete versus Continuous
The meaning of pill colors
Database Joins
Working with the Data Engine / Extracts and scheduling extract updates
Working with Custom SQL
Switching to Direct Connection
Building meta data via shared Data Source connections
OLAP considerations (Overview)
Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard
Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters
An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization
Publish to Reader
Packaged Workbooks
Publish to PDF
Manage users, groups, sites, and permissions in Tableau Server o Add, edit, and delete user accounts
The Help File / Manual
Knowledge base
Whitepapers & Books
Technical Support


Learn when and where it's convenient for you.Utilise the course's practical exposure through high-quality videos.Real-Time Instructors Will Guide You Through The Course From Basic to Advanced Levels


Receive A Live Demonstration Of Each Subject From Our Skilled Faculty Obtain LMS Access Following Course Completion Acquire Materials for Certification


The Class Mode Of Training, Or Attend An Online Training Lecture At Your Facility From A Subject Matter Expert With discussions, exercises, and real-world use cases, learn for a full day.Create Your Curriculum Using the Project Requirements

The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
Irrespective of your class attendance, every session will be recorded. Soon after the completion of the class, you can able to access the videos
During the course, the trainer will provide the environment to execute the practical's.
Once you contact us, our support team will offer you great discounts.
Yes! we do accept the fee in installments, depending on the mode of training you take.
We offer the best training on different modes like self-paced, one-one, batch as well as corporate training.
Yes! Our support team will take your resumes and forward to the firms for placement assistance
During the course, the trainer will provide the probable certification question to make you certified.

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It was a great course to master in tableau from beginner to the advanced level and clear the certification. Im very much happy to get trained and certified through this institute.
- Vasavi
KITS has designed the best content on the tableau to deliver the best knowledge to the learners with practical use-cases from beginner to the advanced level.
- Kiran
The trainer has good knowledge of tableau and delivered the best training to enhance my practical exposure to data analysis and clear certification
- Asif Hasan
I recommend it as the best place to get practical exposure to data analysis from beginner to the advanced level. Thanks to the team
- Anju Raghav
I have recently taken the tableau course through KITS. The trainer has delivered the best knowledge of data analysis using tableau. Thank you KITS.
- Kaushik Deb

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