Magento Interview Questions

Q. What Is Magento? Ans: Magento is an open source E-commerce software, created by Varien which is useful for online business and it has the flexible modular architecture. It is scalable and it has many control options that helps the user. Magento uses E-commerce platform which offers companies ultimate E-commerce solutions and extensive support network. Q. Why To Use Magento? Ans: The uses of Magento are:

  • Magento is open source E-commerce software.
  • It is scalable and offers small companies to build business.
  • It provides the searching and sorting of products in several ways.
  • Easily integrates with many of the third-party sites which are needed to run effective E-commerce website.
  • Using this, customer can order or purchase number of products. There are no limits on number of purchasing products.

Q. List The Web-hosting Sites Of Magento? Ans: The Web-Hosting sites of Magento are:

  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • Inmotion
  • Arvixe
  • site5

Q. What Are Disadvantages Of Magento? Ans: The disadvantages of Magento are:

  • Magento uses larger disk space and memory.
  • It takes much time to build the customized functionality.
  • It is very slow compared to other E-commerce sites.
  • It needs proper hosting environment, if the hosting environment is improper the user can face the problems.

Q. Name The Web-server That Supports Magento? Ans: The Web-server that supports Magento are:

  • Apache 2.x
  • Nginx 1.7.x

Q. What Are Magento Products? Ans: Products are the items or things that are sold in Magento. Product can be anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs. This includes both physical products and services. Q. Name The Product Types That Are Available In Magento? Ans: The product types available in Magento are:

  • Simple Products
  • Grouped Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Bundled Products
  • Downloadable Products

Q. What Is Inventory? Ans: Inventory allows setting a product's stock quantity. For instance, you have a product with 100 units in stock. If you set the stock availability to "Out of Stock" then it will force the item to be out of stock. Q. Name The Categories Of E-commerce? Ans: The categories of E-Commerce are:

  • Business to Business(B2B)
  • Business to Consumer(B2C)
  • Consumer to Consumer(C2C)
  • Consumer to Business(C2B)

Q. What Does Rate Percent Mean In Manage Tax Rate Window? Ans: Rate Percent specify the percent of the tax rate. Q. What Does Priority Field Specifies In Manage Tax Rules? Ans: Priority field specifies when the tax should be applied to other tax rules. Q. What Is The Used Of Zero Subtotal Checkout Panel? Ans: The Zero Subtotal Checkout panel is a payment option that displays when order total is zero and not required to enter payment details for the customer. Q. What Is The Used Of 3d Secure Card Validation Field In Saved Cc? Ans: It is additional security functionality where customer needs to provide credit card password to complete the purchase order. Q. Which Are The Methods Of Paypal Payment Gateways? Ans: The two methods of PayPal Payment Gateways are: Payflow Pro (Includes Express Checkout) Payflow Link (Includes Express Checkout) Q. What Is Payflow Pro? Ans: The Payflow Pro option is customizable payment gateway which can be used with merchant account to process credit card transactions. Q. What Is Payflow Link? Ans: Payflow Link option often called as hosted payment gateway that keeps customer on your site by providing fast and easy way to add transaction processing to your site. Q. What Is The Use Of My Cart Link Panel? Ans: My Cart Link panel specifies whether the number of quantities in the cart should be shown or whether the number of different products should be shown using the Display Cart Summary field. Q. What Is Google Checkout In Magento? Ans: Google Checkout is online payment processing service provided by Google. Magento allows integration of online stores with Google checkout. It is like PayPal that simplifies the process of paying for online purchases. Q. What Is Magento Manage Order? Ans: Order management is important thing which allows business to run smoothly and keeps customers happy, making them more likely to visit your site in the future. Q. What Is Magento Google Analytics? Ans: Google Analytics is a finest Google service for those who are actively managing websites and adds analytics to Magento store including Ecommerce tracking and conversions of their websites. Q. What Is The Use Of Page Layout In Magento? Ans: Layout files are useful in rendering front pages of Magento. Q. What Is Magento Content Management System(cms)? Ans: Magento CMS (Content Management System) section is used to manage all web site pages. It is a way of promoting the products by providing valuable information to the customers and increases visibility to search engines. Q. What Are Static Blocks? Ans: Static block is a piece of content can be used anywhere in the pages. Magento allows creating blocks of content that can be used through the store and can be added to any page or another block. Q. What Are Polls? Ans: Polls are used to get customer's opinions and preferences. The poll results appear immediately after response is submitted. Q. How To Optimize The Magento Environment? Ans: Following points describe how to optimize the Magento environment:

  • It uses complex database, so that it needs to be run on dedicated servers.
  • Magento application could be optimized by using cloud computing.
  • Merge you JavaScript and CSS files which reduces the load time dramatically since its loading only one merged file.
  • Proper MySQL configuration is one of the most important aspects in terms of performance.
  • Always upgrade to the latest Magento version allows to perform better.

Q. How To Optimize Magento Configuration? Ans: The following points specify how to optimize the magento configuration:

  • To speed up Magento performance, don't run mysql and web server on the same machine.
  • Do not host files on your web server that you do not use.
  • Optimization of session storage.
  • Enabling Magento flat catalog. (Magento uses a complex and resource-intensive Entity Attribute Value based catalog). After initial catalog establishment, enabling the flat catalog can dramatically improve database querying time.
  • Identification and disabling of unused Magento modules.

Q. What Is The Process Of Code Optimization? Ans: The process of Code Optimization are:

  • Removal of unused or unnecessary code processes.
  • To optimize Magento performance, JavaScript and CSS files need to be compressed and aggregated.
  • Conformance of all site images to optimal web image sizes.
  • Identification of bottlenecks(process that causes the entire process to slow down or stop) processes in both front-end and back-end.

Q. How To Improve The Performance Of Database? Ans: The following points describe how to improve the performance of database:

  • Unused data must be cleaned up regularly for better performance.
  • Optimization of database queries.
  • Configuration of setting and limits of the database server (e.g. memory setting, query cache, sort buffer optimization).

Q. Which Is The Php Version Used For Magento? Ans: PHP 5.4 + Q. What Is Wsld? Ans: It stands for Web Services Description Language. It is used for describing web services and how to access them. Q. What Does Only X Left Threshold Means In Stock Option? Ans: It is used to set threshold number. When the units of that product are drop to that number, it will display Only X left message on the product details page. Q. What Is Magento Payment Gateway? Ans: Payment gateway processes the credit card data securely between customer and merchant and also between merchant and the payment processor. It is like checkpoint that protects customers against attempting to gather personal and financial information from customers and also act as mediator between the merchant and sponsoring bank. Q. What Is The Process Of Order Life Cycle In Magento? Ans: Orders follow a standard life cycle process. When customer place product orders, it arrive in the administration interface with a pending status. When order is processed, the status of order changes according to current state in the processing workflow. Once the invoice is created for the order, the status changes from pending to processing status. Next it creates shipment for an order which changes the status from pending to complete status. Q. Which Are The Two Sections Present In Design Section? Ans: The two sections present in Design section are:

  • Page Layout
  • Custom Design

Q. What Does The Page Layout Section Contains? Ans: The Page Layout section contains a Layout option which allows selecting layout as per your choice and Layout Update XML option inserts the XML code. Q. What Is The Use Of Meta Data Section While Setup New Pages? Ans: The Meta Data section contains Keywords and description of the page. Q. How To Subscribe To Newsletters Using Magento? Ans: Customer can subscribe to Newsletters using Magento. Customer can sign up for the Newsletter when he creates a new customer account which contains checkbox for signing up. For creating Newsletters you need to enable Newsletter option in your magento to make sure that customer has confirmed to receive Newsletter. Q. How To Optimize The Magento Front-end Performance? Ans: The following points show how to optimize the Magento front-end performance: Use the latest version of php, so that you can perform front-end operation much better and faster. The newest released version may cause the errors, so carefully read the release notes and check out the new version. Use the clean database to improve the performance of magento. The database logs need to be clear regularly. The database stores the automatically created logs to keep track of record session and interaction. Q. What Is Grouped Product? Ans: This is a group of simple products. In this type, you cannot specify a specific price for product; you can just specify the discount. Q. What Is Configurable Products? Ans: In this type, customer can select products according to their color and size before purchasing. Example: Cell phones obtained in different colors and sizes. Q. What Are Bundled Products? Ans: Bundled products are those products which cannot be sold separately and doesn't give any choice for end user. Q. What Is The Use Of Backorder Field In Product Stock Option Panel? Ans: If it is enabled, customer can buy products even if they are out of stock. Q. What Are Tax Rules? Ans: Tax rules are entities that combine product tax classes, customer tax classes and tax rates. Q. What Is The Use Of Manage Store Section? Ans: Manage Stores section, you will see website names, store names and Store View Name columns. Q. What Is E-commerce? Ans: E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a type of business that involves the commercial transaction or purchasing or selling of goods and services through electronic channels known as internet. Q. What Are The Features Of Magento? Ans: The features of Magento are:

  • Magento provides different payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, cheques, money order, Google checkouts.
  • It provides shipping of products in one order to the multiple addresses.
  • Easy to manage the orders by using admin panel.
  • It filters the products and displays in grid or list format.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Magento? Ans: The advantages of magento are:

  • It is user friendly E-commerce software.
  • It is compatible with Smartphone's, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • It provides multiple payment options so every visitor can make payment based on their preferred payment gateway.
  • It has many extensions which supports for the development of an online store.

Q. What Database Does Magento Supports? Ans: MySql Database Q. Which Is The Mysql Version Used For Magento? Ans: MySQL 5.1 Q. What Is Consumer To Business? Ans: This transaction is between consumer or customer and business or companies where consumer makes a product that the company uses to complete business. Q. Explain The Architecture Of Magento? Ans: The architecture of Magento is a typical PHP MVC (Model-View-Controller) application where the entire controller will be in one folder and all the models in another. Files are grouped together and known as modules in Magento. Q. What Are The Different Features Of Magento? Ans: Some of the basic features of Magento are:

  • SEO Friendly
  • Google sitemap support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Customer accounts
  • Order management
  • Site management
  • Payment
  • Marketing promotion and tools
  • International support
  • Extremely modular architecture

Q. What Is Eav In Magento? Ans: EAV stands for Entity Attribute Value. It is a technique that facilitates users to add unlimited columns to their table virtually. Q. What Are The Limitations Of Magento? Ans: There are three reasons to use UNITS in programming:

  • Magento is written in PHP so it is comparatively slower in performance to other e-Commerce solutions.
  • Magento requires more space and memory. It can consume gigabytes of RAM during heavy processes.
  • It becomes complex if it is not using object-oriented programming.

Q. How Can You Enhance The Magento Performance? Ans: The first Pascal standard was documented by the author of the Pascal programming language Niklaus Wirth but it was an unofficial Pascal standard.

  • Disable the Magento log
  • Disable any un-used modules
  • Magento Caching
  • Optimize your image
  • Optimize your Server
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Put Stylesheets at the Top
  • Put Scripts at the Bottom
  • Avoid CSS Expressions

Q. Explain How To Change The Magento Core Api Setting? Ans: You have to follow these steps to change Magento core API setting.

  • Go to Admin menu, choose System -> Configuration
  • Select Magento Core API on the left side of the Configuration Panel, under Services
  • Click on to expand the General Settings section and you can
  • Type the name of the Default Response Charset that you want to use
  • Determine the Client Session Timeout in seconds
  • Click the Save Config button when complete

Q. Can All Billing Information Be Managed Through Magento? Ans: You can do the following things through the client Magento account:

  • You can update your billing address.
  • You can add a credit card.
  • You can view your billing history.
  • You can add a PayPal account.
  • You can produce a print ready receipt.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of Applying Connect Patches In Magento? Ans: In Magento, applying Connect Patches provide the following features:

  • Enable easy installation of packages with installation and overwrite any existing translations for the same time
  • Enhance security, by default Magento Connect uses HTTP to download extensions instead of FTP
  • Facilitate the extension developers to create new extensions with a dash character in the name
  • Magento administrators will be informed now who tries to install an extension with insufficient file system privileges.

Q. How Can You Make Magento More Secure For The Client? Ans: You can use the following instructions to make Magento more secure for the client:

  • Use a strong password and change them at regular interval.
  • Disable remote access to Magento Connect Manager.
  • Disable Downloader on production sites.
  • Restrict access to safe IP addresses.

Q. How To Configure Magento To Work With Another Domain? Ans: To configure Magento to work with another domain, you have to change the Magento base URL option in the admin area. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Magento admin area > System > Configuration and click Web on the left menu.
  • Select the unsecure option
  • Edit the base URL field to change the URL that will be used for normal (HTTP) connections.

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