Oracle Golden Gate Interview Questions

 Q.What are some of the key features of GoldenGate 12c? Ans:The following are some of the more interesting features of Oracle GoldenGate 12c:

  • Support for Multitenant Database
  • Coordinated Replicat
  • Integrated Replicat Mode
  • Use of Credential store
  • Use of Wallet and master key
  • Trigger-less DDL replication
  • Automatically adjusts threads when RAC node failure/start
  • Supports RAC PDML Distributed transaction
  • RMAN Support for mined archive logs

Q.What are the installation options available in OGG 12c? Ans: You can install Oracle GoldenGate 12c using in 2 ways:

  • Interactive Installation with OUI – Graphical interface
  • Silent Installation with OUI – Command Interface

Q.What is a Credential Store in OGG 12c? Ans: OGG Crendential Store manages Encrypted Passwords and USERIDs that are used to interact with the local database and Associate them with an Alias. Instead of specifying actual USERID and Password in a command or a parameter file, you can use an alias. The Credential Store is implemented as an autologin wallet within the Oracle Credential Store Framework (CSF). Q.How to configure Credentail Store in OGG 12c? Ans: Steps to configure Oracle Credential Store are as follows:

  • By Default Credential Store is is located under “dircrd” directory. If you want to specify a different location use can specidy “CREDENTIALSTORELOCATION” parameter in GLOBALS file.


  • Goto OGG home and connect to GGSCI.

cd $OGG_HOME ./ggsci GGSCI> Q.What command is used to create the credential store? Ans: ADD CREDENTIALSTORE How do you add credentials to the credential store? ALTER CREDENTIALSTORE ADD USER userid, Example: GGSCI> ALTER CREDENTIALSTORE ADD USER GGS@orcl, PASSWORD oracle ALIAS extorcl DOMAIN OracleGoldenGate Q.How do you retrieve information from the Oracle Credential Store? Ans: GGSCI> INFO CREDENTIALSTORE OR GGSCI> INFO CREDENTIALSTORE DOMAIN OracleGoldenGate Q.What are the different data encyption methods available in OGG 12c? Ans: In OGG 12c you can encrypt data with the following 2 methods:

  • Encrypt Data with Master Key and Wallet
  • Encrypt Data with ENCKEYS

Q.How do you enable Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle database Ans: The database services required to support Oracle GoldenGate capture and apply must be enabled explicitly for an Oracle database. This is required for all modes of Extract and Replicat. To enable Oracle GoldenGate, set the following database initialization parameter. All instances in Oracle RAC must have the same setting. ENABLE_GOLDENGATE_REPLICATION=true Q.How does the Replicat works in a Coordinated Mode? Ans: In a Coordinated Mode Replicat operates as follows:

  1. Reads the Oracle GoldenGate trail.
  2. Performs data filtering, mapping, and conversion.
  3. Constructs SQL statements that represent source database DML or DDL transactions (in committed order).
  1. Applies the SQL to the target through the SQL interface that is supported for the given target database, such as ODBC or the native database interface.

Q.What is the difference between Classic and Coordinated Replicat? Ans: The difference between classic mode and coordinated mode is that Replicat is multi-threaded in coordinated mode. Within a single Replicat instance, multiple threads read the trail independently and apply transactions in parallel. Each thread handles all of the filtering, mapping, conversion, SQL construction, and error handling for its assigned workload. A coordinator thread coordinates the transactions across threads to account for dependencies among the threads. Q.How do you create a COORDINATED REPLICATE in OGG 12c? Ans: You can create the COORDINATED REPLICATE with the following OGG Command: ADD REPLICAT rfin, COORDINATED MAXTHREADS 50, EXTTRAIL dirdat/et Q.If have created a Replicat process in OGG 12c and forgot to specify DISCARDFILE parameter. What will happen? Ans: Starting with OGG 12c, if you don’t specify a DISCARDFILE OGG process now generates a dicard file with default values whenever a process is started with START command through GGSCI. Q.Is it possible to start OGG EXTRACT at a specific CSN? Ans: Yes, Starting with OGG 12c you can now start Extract at a specific CSN in the transaction log or trail. Example: START EXTRACT fin ATCSN 12345 START EXTRACT finance AFTERCSN 67890 contact for more on Oracle Golden Gate Online Training