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Mule ESB Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Mule ESB Interview Questions

Q.What Is Mule? Ans: Mule is a lightweight event-driven enterprise service bus (ESB) and an integration platform. It is a lightweight and modular solution that could scale from an application-level messaging framework to an enterprise-wide highly distributable object broker. Q.What Difficulties Mule Does Encompass? Ans: Transport: applications can accept input from a variety of means, from the

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Magento Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Magento Interview Questions

Q. What Is Magento? Ans: Magento is an open source E-commerce software, created by Varien which is useful for online business and it has the flexible modular architecture. It is scalable and it has many control options that helps the user. Magento uses E-commerce platform which offers companies ultimate E-commerce solutions and extensive support network. Q. Why To Use Magento? Ans: The uses o

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IOT Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

IOT Interview Questions

 Q.What Is Iot? Ans: IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is basically a network using which things can communicate with each other using internet as means of communication between them. All the things should be IP protocol enabled in order to have this concept possible. Not one but multiple technologies are involved to make IoT a great success. Q. What Impacts Will The Internet Of Things (io

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Ethical Hacking Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Ethical Hacking Interview Questions

Q.Explain What Is Ethical Hacking? Ans: Ethical Hacking is when a person is allowed to hacks the system with the permission of the product owner to find weakness in a system and later fix them. Q. What Is The Difference Between Ip Address And Mac Address? Ans: IP address: To every device IP address is assigned, so that device can be located on the network.  In other words IP address is like yo

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Django Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Django Interview Questions

Q. What Is Django? Ans: Django is a high­level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Developed by a fast­moving online­news operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high­performing, elegant Web ap

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DevOps Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

DevOps Interview Questions

 Q.What Are The Benefits Of The NoSQL? Ans: Non-relational and schema-less data model Low latency and high performance Highly scalable Q. What Are Adoptions Of DevOps In Industry? Ans: Use of agile and other development processes and methods. Demand for an increased rate of production releases from application and business. Wide availability of virtual and cloud infrastructure from both intern

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Dell Boomi Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Dell Boomi Interview Questions

 Q.How Do I Access Atmosphere? Ans: Because the AtmoSphere is an online service, there is no appliance or software to buy, install or maintain. Just point your browser to the login page at and login. Q.How Do I Sign Up For Atmosphere? Can I Download A Demo? Ans: You can sign up for a free trial under the ’30 Day Free Trial’ section of the Boomi website. Q.What Applicat

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BlockChain Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

BlockChain Interview Questions

Q.What Do You Mean By Blocks In The Blockchain Technology? Ans: Blockchain consists of information of all the financial transactions. A block is nothing but just a list of records. When these lists are combined with each other, they are known as blockchain. For example- an organization has 100 ledger books the combination of which is known as Blockchain and a single ledger would be considered

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Appium Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Appium Interview Questions

  Q.What Are The Advantages Of Using Appium? Ans: It allows you to write tests against multiple mobile platforms using the same API. You can write and run your tests using any language or test framework. It is an open-source tool that you can easily contribute to. Q.What Is Appium's Strongest Point? Ans: Appium is based on Selenium which is an HTTP protocol by Google designed to auto

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ArcSight ESM Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

ArcSight ESM Interview Questions

 Q.What Does ArcSight ESM Stand For And What Is Its Primary Use? Ans: So ArcSight ESM stands for Enterprise Security Manager. As the name itself implies the usage of this tool is that it adds value to your organization security policies. Using this tool, it will help the organizations to focus on the threat detection, analysis on the triages, compliance management. All of these are done on t

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Salesforce Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Salesforce Interview Questions

 Q.What is the difference between private cloud and public cloud ? Is is a private cloud and public cloud? Ans: Public Cloud: Cloud services are provided “aaS” as a Service over the Internet with little or no control over the underlying infrastructure.Same resources are used by more than one tenant(customer). Private Cloud: Cloud services are provide “as a service” but i

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QlikView Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

QlikView Interview Questions

 Q.Explain Qlikview architecture? Ans: QlikView deployments have three main infrastructure components: 1.QlikView Developer :  Is a Windows-based desktop tool that is used by designers and developers to create a) a data extract and transformation model and b) to create the graphical user interface (or presentation layer). 2.QlikView Server (QVS) : Handles the communication between clie

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