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Python Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Python Interview Questions

Q.What is Python? Ans: Python is an interpreted, interactive, object- oriented programming language. It incorporates modules, exceptions, dynamic typing, very high level dynamic data types, and classes. Python combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. It has interfaces to many system calls and libraries, as well as to various window systems, and is extensible in C or C++. It is also usa

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PHP Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

PHP Interview Questions

 Q.What's PHP? Ans: The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is basically used for developing web based software applications. Q.What Is a Session? Ans: A session is a logical object created by the PHP engine to allow you to preserve data across subsequent HTTP requests. There is only one s

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Teradata Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Teradata Interview Questions

Q.How do you Generate sequence at the time of Display? Answer: By Using CSUM  Q.How do you Generate Sequence in Teradata? Answer:  By Using Identity Column 1-for storing purpose using identity. 2-for display purpose using csum.  Q.How do you load Multiple files to a table by using fast load scripts?  Answer:  Loading statement in the script and Replace the file one by one in the scr

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SharePoint Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

SharePoint Interview Questions

Q.What is SharePoint? Answer: SharePoint was born out of a simple idea: “Sharing Documents”. Microsoft developed family of software products called “SharePoint”, to perform features like File Sharing, Collaboration, and Web Publishing. In simple terms, SharePoint acts as the single platform to share, communicate, store, and collaborate the content, documents, and records Q.What is an app

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Oracle Weblogic Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Oracle Weblogic Interview Questions

 Q.How do I provide user credentials for starting a server? Ans: When you create a domain, the Configuration Wizard prompts you to provide the username and password for an initial administrative user. If you create the domain in development mode, the wizard saves the username and encrypted password in a boot identity file. A WebLogic Server instance can refer to a boot identity file during its

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Selenium Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Selenium Interview Questions

    Q.What is Selenium? Answer:  Selenium is a suite of tools for browser automation. It is composed of "IDE", a recording and playback mechanism, "WebDriver" and "RC" which provide APIs for browser automation in a wide variety of languages, and "Grid", which allows many tests using the APIs to be run in parallel. It works with most browsers, including Firefox from 3.0 up to 7, Internet Ex

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Oracle SOA Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Oracle SOA Interview Questions

 Q.What are the main benefits of SOA ? Ans: SOA helps create greater alignment between IT and line of business while generating more flexibility - IT flexibility to support greater business flexibility. Your business processes are changing faster and faster and global competition requires the flexibility that SOA can provide. SOA can help you get better reuse out of your existing IT investment

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SCCM Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

SCCM Interview Questions

SCCM Interview Questions and Answers Q.What is SCCM ? Ans: System Center Configuration Manager (CM16 or CM12 or ConfigMgr or Configuration Manager), formerly Systems Management Server (SMS), is a systems management software product by Microsoft for managing large groups of Windows-based computer systems. Configuration Manager provides remote control, patch management, software distribution, ope

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Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Oracle Performance Tuning Interview Questions

 Q.What are the major focuses of Performance tuning? Ans: Performance tuning focuses primarily on writing efficient SQL, allocating appropriate computing resources, and analyzing wait events and contention in a system. Q.How does Oracle aid performance tuning? Ans: Oracle provides several options to aid performance tuning, such as partitoning lar tables, using materialized views, storing plan

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Oracle SCM Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Oracle SCM Interview Questions

 Q.What is inventory control? Ans: Inventory control is the process of reducing inventory costs while remaining responsive to customer demands. By this definition a store would want to lower its acquisition, carrying ordering and stock-out costs to their lowest possible levels. However a store would need to have enough inventories to meet any needs of its customers. Q.What does inventory affec

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Oracle Identity Manager Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Oracle Identity Manager Interview Questions

 Q.What is an Identity? Ans: An identity is the virtual representation of an enterprise resource user including employees, customers, partners and vendors. Identity Management shows the rights and relationships the user has when interacting with a company’s network. Q.What are the benefits of Identity Management? Ans: Centralized auditing and reporting – Know who did what and report on sys

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MySQL Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

MySQL Interview Questions

 Q.How do you start and stop MySQL on Windows? Ans: net start MySQL, net stop MySQL Q.How do you start MySQL on Linux? Ans: /etc/init.d/mysql start Q.Explain the difference between mysql and mysqli interfaces in PHP? Ans: mysqli is the object-oriented version of mysql library functions. Q.What’s the default port for MySQL Server? Ans: 3306 Q.What does tee command do in MySQL? Ans: tee followe

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